successful ideas_

How would you explain what a domain is for the most creative people in the world? It's quite simple: showing them that a domain can change everything. In this case, literally. 

For the first video, "Foodtruck", we presented the concept for the whole campaign: "The success of your idea begins at GoDaddy". After it was aproved, they wanted more. After it was approved they wanted more, so we created further content, this time "Band" (Script by Catarina Menchik). And it rocked!


Agency: VML
Executive Creative Direction: Jairo Anderson
Creative Direction: Jairo Anderson, Rodrigo Marinheiro
Copywriting: Enzo Sunahara, Guilherme Marques, Catarina Menchik
Art Director: Hugo Mendes.
Account: Fabio Imparato, Leonardo Renesto
Clients: Cristiano Mendes, Lisiane Ferreira
Strategy: Sumara Osorio, Murilo Cepellos
Media: Camila Costa, Andreza Harkensee

RTVC: Kika Tancredo de Assis, Amanda Lavenère, Gabriela Meyer
Video Producer: Sentimental Filme
Direction: Marcello Lima
Cinematography: Alberto La Salvia
Editing: Marcio Canella
Post-production: Sentimental Filme e Átomo
Sound: Modular Safari
Sound production: Fabio Smeili e Yuri Chix
Voice over: Phil Miler, Gabriel Duarte