the unnoticed fashion show_

An undewear designed not to be noticed. A product launch like no other. TLovet's new collection was designed with a purpose: enabling trans women to be seem like they are: women. So, more than showing the designs itself, we created a strategy to display its effectiveness in the most important fashion event of the year: The Fashion Week. By secretely infiltrating trans models into other designers fashion shows, we were able to make a launch nobody saw at first, but everyone talked about during the following days.

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Agency: LOLA NORMAJEAN, Lisbon

CEO: Rodrigo Silva Gomes, LOLA Normajean
CCO: Leandro Alvarez
Associate Creative Director: Nuno Peixoto
Art Director: Pedro Martoli
Copywriter: Nuno Trindade, Enzo Sunahara
Producer: Sandra Augusto
Account Director: Vanessa Henrigues
Account Executive: António Quinta
Strategist:Matilde Silva Gomes
PR: João Barroso Viegas


Marketing: Giovanna Tavares

Production: THE END, Sao Paulo
Post Production: THE END, Lisboa

Film Director: Filipi Do Canto
Photographer: Mendo Dornellas
Camera Assistant: Manuel Abelho
Make Up Artist: Balu Balu
Stylist: Carolina Canas
Producer: Duarte Gaivão
Sound Engineer: Aurelien Vieira Lino