things & stuff_ 

Have you ever tried to buy something without knowing it's name? All the time, people go to Maxmat in search of "things" and "stuff". Luckily, with a little help from the staff, they always succeed.

You may not even know the name, but you know you will find it at Maxmat at unbeatable prices.


Portugues star Nuno Markl was picked to be the main character, because everyone knows he doesn't have a clue of what is the name of the "thing"


Agency: Lola Normajean
CEO: Rodrigo Silva Gomes
CCO: Leandro Alvarez
Art Director: Pedro Martoli 
Copywriter: Enzo Sunahara
Planner: Matilde Silva Gomes
Account: Cátia Teles
TV Producer: Sandra Augusto

Video Production: Nebula
Directors: Guilherme Afonso, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Executive Producer: João Marchante
Cinematography: William Sossai
Sound Production: Som de Lisboa
Voice Artists: Rui Paulo, Dalila Carmo e Augusto Seabra

Client: Maxmat
Marketing: António Rodrigues, Inês Gonçalves