How we used a world-renown painting to make
people reflect about other families pain.


We picked one of the most famous paintings in the world-renown São Paulo Museum of Art to help São Paulo Public Prosecutor's Office raise awareness to a very sensitive cause. Curious? Just push play. The video speaks for itself.

The campaign was all over the media and got worldwide recognition beign picked as Adweek Ad of the Day. You can watch the videocase below.

Of course the girl in the paiting wasn't removed as shown in the video. As it took a long time to craft the real process, we weren't able to record. But made an entire board to explain everything our artist had to consider to reach this perfect result.


Agency: VML
Executive Creative Direction: Jairo Anderson and Silmo Bonomi
Creative Direction: Jairo Anderson
Copywriting: Enzo Sunahara and Mauro Mandil
Art Direction: Yumi Shimada and Gleison Stievano
Client Services: Carlos Alves and Fabio Imparato
Project Management: Joana Carmo
Executive Producer: Rodrigo Vinhaes

Video Producer: Spanda
Direction: a_dupla (Guga Ferri and Danilo Mantovani)
Art Direction: a_dupla
Executive Producer: Ana Clara Cenamo
Production Company: Camilla Hoffmann
Production Assistant: Mariana Negreiros
Client Services: Juliana Eduardo
Editing: Marco Rempel
Post-production: Cut Films
Sound Producer: Raw Audio
Image Manipulation: Pict Estúdio