The first campaign we created to GoDaddy.
A right on target creative concept.


GoDaddys, by it's global positioning "Life Fulfilling Ventures", is stimulating people to follow their passions.
And we created a campaign in which people can idealize all the success they can reach by choosing their domain name.

This first video, called "Foodtruck", we created to present the whole campaign concept: "The success of your idea starts with a GoDaddy Domain". After it was aproved, the client wanted even more. So, my brilliant colleague Catarina Menchik wrote a script called "Band". And it rocked, literally.

Agency: VML
Executive Creative Direction: Jairo Anderson
Creative Direction: Jairo Anderson, Rodrigo Marinheiro
Copywriting: Enzo Sunahara, Guilherme Marques, Catarina Menchik
Art Director: Hugo Mendes.
Account: Fabio Imparato, Leonardo Renesto
Clients: Cristiano Mendes, Lisiane Ferreira
Strategy: Sumara Osorio, Murilo Cepellos
Media: Camila Costa, Andreza Harkensee

RTVC: Kika Tancredo de Assis, Amanda Lavenère, Gabriela Meyer
Video Producer: Sentimental Filme
Direction: Marcello Lima
Cinematography: Alberto La Salvia
Editing: Marcio Canella
Post-production: Sentimental Filme e Átomo
Sound: Modular Safari
Sound production: Fabio Smeili e Yuri Chix
Voice over: Phil Miler, Gabriel Duarte