A comercial that healed the broken self-esteem of
an entire nation and made Brazilians dream again.


Brazil was the host of 2014 FIFA World Cup. And was beaten home, by 7x1. Humiliated. But, in 2018, a new opportunity is coming with a new FIFA Wolrd Cup edition. And Fox Sports will broadcast every single moment of it. So, we created a strategy to bring Brazilian people together with national team and make them proud of our history.

The first video was released right after FIFA World Cup draw, on TV and internet. And Brazilian people immediately responded to it: we received a lot of positive interactions on social media. It was even watched by Brazilian National Team manager, Tite, and Fox Sports produced a news report to tell the history of the commercial real life characters.

Agency: Z+
Chief Creative Officer: Alexandre Vilela (Xã)
Creative Director: Luigi Alliegro
Creative Supervisor: Enzo Sunahara
Copywriter: Lucca Bopp
Art Director: Leonardo Brito 
Project Manager: Danilo Ferreiro
Strategy: Daniel Rios, João Guerra
Account: Fernando Barros, Lucas Nabuco
Client: Patrícia Esteves e Larissa Esteves
RTVC: Gilberto Pires e Viviane Dias

Video Producer: Vudoo Filmes
Direction: Bruno Tinoco
Executive Producer: Luiz Porto e Andre Wainer
Cinematography: Nicolas Viggiani 
Art Director: Eric Fully
Editing: Caio Kokubo e Bruno Tinoco
Post-production: Glauco Guigon
Image manipulation: Vudoo Filmes
Sound producer: Cabaret
Maestro / Producer: Guilherme Azem