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My mother always thought I was going to be an engineer. I was kind of a geek guy, good at math (asian cliché, sorry), but had no good luck with Newton’s Laws of Motion. Well, seems like physics saved my career.

Only now, I realized that my first projects started in high school. Guerrilla was not even a big thing yet, but my hand-made posters were attached to class mural, and the whole class was talking about it. I started a crowdfunding to fix a broken door only to provoke administration office to have it fixed… And so, that’s how I convinced them to take an attitude. By that time, I thought advertising was only about TVCs, billboards and print ads, but, somehow, had a feeling that my vocation to make trouble had something to do with the creative department. 

Well, this whole story was only to say how this vocation brought me here. Inside this big, intense and exciting game called advertising, now I play a leadership role at Peppery, one of the hottest independent agencies in Brazil. More than preparing my team to face everyday challenges, my commitment is to make them enjoy the journey and become real rockstars. After crossing all advertising lines, now I acquired an holistic point of view that helps me to see the big picture and be not only a creative, but also a digital strategist. As you’ll see in my portfolio, everything I am proud of are campaigns built over a consistent storytelling, in which the audience participates… And that, somehow, gives people a new perspective about the theme. Because, well, as I told you before: I’m not really into inertia.