I had all the cliches to be great: country boy that went to big city, dedicated student, class orator and hired as copywriter one year before graduation. Wow! But then, in the blink of an eye, I caught myself stuck in the same agency and making the same work for almost 5 years. It was time to change.

By that time, I had saved enough money to buy a brand new car. But, instead, my choice was to spend it buying a ticket to the Big Apple and paying for my tuition there. That changed my entire life: 9 months after coming back I got my dream job. It was the beginning of incredible times of learning and development, that made me ready to face any challenge.

Now, 5 years later, I'm holding an strategic position at one of the TOP10 agencies in the country. Me and my partner have the mission to lead digital and social media creative team in order to achieve great results to major clients. As Creative Supervisor, I help my creatives to develop their skills and put their best ideas on the right track so they can become real blockbusters.

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